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Bán máy soi bản mạch

Mô tả ngắn:Large Sized Metal Products

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Chi tiết:  

  • Non-destructive analysis system for the large-size components
  • Various options for X-ray Tubes and Detectors
  • High power X-ray tube option
Inspection System for Die Casting, Automotive Components, Defense Components, Cultural Assets and Large Products
Appropriate for the inspection of medium•large size components and detection of surface structure and defects (inside voids and cracks etc).
Due to high-energy, high-power Micro-focus X-ray Open Tube, maintenance cost's significantly reduced and long-term use possible with only replacing consumables.
Customization is available with selecting main parts by customers depends on their needs for size and material.


X-ray Tube 160 kV / 3 mA
Min. Resolution 6 µm
Table Size Max : 600 mm (Ø) X 900L mm
AXIS X, Y, Z, R, Tilt, Z-t, Z-d
Detector 1 M Pixel FPD
CT Scan Method Cone beam CT
Dimension 2,260(W) x 1,800(D) x 2,000(H) mm / 3,500kg
Wheel Porosity
Power Steering Crack

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