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Chi tiết:  LPME monitors, detects and evaluates metallic loose parts in reactor systems using transient

acoustic signal analysis. Acoustic sensors/accelerometers are permanently located at strategic
positions on the system being monitored (in direct contact with pipes and vessels), where
loose parts are most likely to impact. The sensors detect the impact of any loose parts as they
come in contact with the pipe or vessel wall. The sensors detect the mechanical vibration
emanating from the point of impact and convert it into an electrical signal that is amplified by
the system preamplifier, processed by the Loose Parts Monitor Equipment Data Acquisition
System (LPME-DAS) and recorded by the Data Acquisition Computer (DAC). The software
(LPME-DAQ) alerts the operator and control room when a loose part is detected, and
provides a user-friendly interface for the operator to analyze the transients, differentiate
between noise and impact signals and determine location and impact characteristics.
• Digital design gives real time results
• Latest digital technology
• Seismically tested to NRC standards
• Four discrete signal filters prevent false alarms
• Multiple alarms and alarm level settings
• User-friendly Windows based software
• Accurate software location algorithms
• Graphical displays of reactors, piping, heat exchangers, etc.
• Meets ASME Standard, NRC 1.133
• Full documentation for easy OEM integration
• Nuclear test sensors and charge amps

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