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The distributed two-level RadAr system is designed for remote monitoring of radiation condition of the environment. It ensures obtaining of real-time information about the level of radiation from fixed or mobile monitoring points. Such monitoring points are built on the basis of the intelligent detecting units of gamma radiation (BDBG-09BDBG-09SBDBG-09 water-resistantBDBG-15S) or data panels (IT-09IT-09T), connected to a computer. The computer has to be connected to the Internet.

The number of the monitoring points is unlimited, which allows adapting the system to the needs of a particular customer. The server of collection, display and processing of dosimetric information is constantly connected to the Internet through a static IP-address, and allows you to constantly update data. You can display a map with plotted dosimetric data through a web browser.

The system can be used to create departmental and national systems of automated radiation situation monitoring (ARSMS).

  • Radiation monitoring map
  • Radiation monitoring map
  • Radiation monitoring map

Radiation monitoring map

The results of operation of the Automated System of Distributed Radiation Monitoring RadAr are available here. Measurement results are being constantly updated and can be displayed both in tabular form and on an electronic map, with the reference of the monitoring points to their geographical coordinates.

Purpose of use

  • Continuous measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation of the objects of the environment.

  • Transfer of dosimetric measurements via the Internet to a remote centralized point of information collection (server).

  • Visualization of measured dosimetric data with an option of plotting it on an electronic map.

  • Maintenance of a database of dosimetric measurements with an option of generation and printing of reporting information.

  • Ability to view general information via the Internet (web client) on a computer or a smartphone.


  • Remote continuous automated radiation monitoring of the environment in an unlimited number of fixed or mobile points.

  • Collection of dosimetric data obtained from the fixed and mobile points of dosimetric information measurement.

  • Display of the current results of measurement process on the server in a text (table) and graphical view with reference to measurement time.

  • Display of the current results of measurement process while operatunf in the system.

  • Display of the most recently transmitted measurement results in case of the communication loss with the server.

  • Generation of warning and alarm messages when DER measurement results exceed the specified threshold levels.

  • Archiving measured dosimetric data into a single relational server database (MS Access).

Features of using stationary points of measurement

  • Centralized configuration of monitoring tools of points of measurement to the needs of the customer (polling interval, threshold level forming).

  • An option to monitor auxiliary measurements (temperature) and diagnostic signals about equipment status (detectors, communication).

  • An option to set a independent threshold level for each of the detection units or data panel.

Features of using mobile devices

  • Continuous measurement of DER and gamma dose.

  • Measurement of dosimetric information with reference to the current time, date and geographic coordinates.


Name Unit of measurement Standardized values according to the technical specifications
Method of data transfer from the monitoring points to the server   Internet
Instrument for gamma radiation DER measurement   BDBG-09  detecting unit of gamma radiation
Measurement range of gamma radiation DER μSv/h 0,04 – 107 (0,04 – 108 on demand)
Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement when calibrated to 137Cs with confidence probability of 0.95 % ±(15+2/H*(10)), where H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to μSv/h
Energy range of registered gamma radiation MeV 0,05 – 3,00
Energy dependence of measurement results during gamma radiation DER measurement in the energy range from 0.05 MeV  to 1.25 MeV % ±25
Operating supply voltage range VAC 220
Dimensions of the detecting unit without fastening elements mm 170x60x60


Operating conditions
The server should be constantly connected to the Internet via a static IP address. For the collection, display and processing of dosimetric information, the appropriate server software should be installed, separately for stationary and mobile monitoring.
Stationary points of measurement should be connected to a personal computer (PC) with a converter RS485 / USB. The client software should be installed on the PC and with the Internet connection to transfer data to the server.


Mobile measuring devices should be connected to Android devices (smartphones) via the Bluetooth interface. Smartphones should have Special GS Ecotest software installed. To transmit measured dosimetry information, smartphones should have access to the Internet.

The table offers specifications of the system which includes BDBG-09 detecting units of gamma radiation. Check product pages of other detecting units for their specifications.

System configuration

For stationary measurement points:
• Intelligent detection units BDBG-09, BDBG-09S, BDBG-09 waterproof, BDBG -15S
• Data panels IT 09, IT 09T
• Computer equipment for customer-specified quantity of measurement points.
• Client and server software

For mobile devices:
• Intelligent gamma-radiation detectors UDKG-01 Gamma Sapiens
• Dosimeters-radiometers MKS-05 TERRA with Bluetooth channel
• Smartphones (Android OS)
• ServerGS server software
• Special GS Ecotest software

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