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Mô tả ngắn:Wrist warning device Four-level threshold alarm system Damp and dustproof body IP67 Non-stop counter performance monitoring

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aGent-R is a wrist-type radiation detection watch in a shock-resistant body.

aGent-R is designed for emergency services and law enforcement agencies. Due to its simplicity, convenience, and reliability the radiation detection watch became also popular among people who use it in everyday life.

aGent-R designed exactly for your needs if you:

  • want to be sure of your radiation safety
  • take care of your family
  • are aware of possible radiation risks
  • have a healthy diet
  • own real estate or have projects under construction
  • prefer active leisure time (tourism, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc.)
  • like travelling
  • use cash
  • want to choose a useful and original gift for the loved ones
  • choose the practical wrist type of wearing the device


Purpose of Use

  • Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation by means of the four-level threshold alarm system


  • LED and vibrating alarm of threshold levels exceeding with the option to turn off the vibrating alarm

  • Non-stop performance monitoring of the built-in Geiger-Muller counter and of the warning device

  • Manual control of the built-in vibration instrument and residual capacity of batteries with the corresponding LED indication

  • Periodic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity becomes less than 10 %

  • Automatic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity is less than 5 %, with the following switching-off of the warning device


Dynamic range of gamma radiation DER registration 10·10-8 … 10 Sv/h
Energy range of gamma radiation DER registration 0.05 … 3 MeV
Threshold levels of gamma radiation DER *


–          first threshold

–          second threshold

–          third threshold

–          forth threshold

* threshold levels can be changed upon customer’s request



1 μSv/h

10 μSv/h

1 mSv/h

100 mSv/h

Main relative permissible error limit of threshold alarm of gamma radiation DER with confidence probability of 0.95  25 %
Time of operating mode setting, not more 120 s
Time of continuous operation of the alarm device when powered from two new AAAA alkaline batteries of 550 mAh at natural background radiation, ambient air temperature (20 ± 2) °С and residual battery capacity testing maximum 3 times per 24 hours, not less 1 300 h
Operating supply voltage 3 V
Complementary permissible error limit of threshold alarm caused by supply voltage variations from standardized value within 3 – 2.2 V ± 10 %



Complementary permissible error limit of threshold alarm caused by ambient air temperature variations from minus 20 °С to + 50 °С, per each 10 °С deviation from + 20 °С ± 5 %



Operating temperatures range – 20 … + 50 °С
Dimensions of the device without a strap, not more 55 × 55 × 27 mm
Weight of the device, not more 0.11 kg

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