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Thiết bị đo phóng xạ, đo tia X, gamma, neutron, beta, alpha

Mô tả ngắn:SD-Series Scintillation Detectors

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The SD series detectors include:

  • a scintillator
  • photomultiplier tube
  • mu-metal shield
  • dynode chain
  • Lucite light pipe in a cylindrical enclosure

A light emitting diode (LED) is located in the Lucite light pipe for automatic gain  control. A temperature sensor located within the Lucite light pipe provides a temperature signal for temperature compensation. The detector housing is 2.5” in diameter x 7 inches long. The scintillation material is selected based on the type(s) of radiation to be measured.

A separate preamplifier/analyzer enclosure located in proximity to the detector is used to perform several functions. The preamplifier provides operating voltage to the associated scintillation detector for detector operation. A closed loop feedback control circuit in the preamplifier/analyzer provides automatic gain stabilization of the scintillation detector, correcting for variations in gain due to temperature, aging and power supply drift. Finally, the preamplifier/analyzer enclosure includes a SCA circuit which can be set to integrate up to three specific regions of interest when used for gamma applications, or set to operate in gross counting mode.

An optional MCA with full 1024 channel gamma spectrum can also be provided for more detailed analysis. The preamplifier/analyzer enclosure is provided with a NEMA4 rating and is designed for mounting to a flat surface. The detector is interconnected to the preamplifier/analyzer enclosure using a four foot long (nominal) cable. Ethernet communication is used for interconnection to the local display and control unit. The interconnection cables are provided fully assembled and tested. Extended range scintillation detectors are also available using the Apantec process, which measures the current output from the detector in high fields.


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