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Quan trắc phóng xạ

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: midtechvn@gmail.com - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

Chi tiết:  Radioactive contamination control of water and bottom sediments at depths up to 500 meters with GPS-referencing.

  • Determination of spatial position of detection device during measurement
  • Cable reel with a current feedthrough
  • Display of measurement results on index maps of controlled radionuclides concentration or gamma radiation dose rate distribution
  • Expert mode for instrument spectrum analysis with automatic identification of sample radionuclide content
  • Expert "GARM" software for further data processing and analysis, and radiological mapping

Scintillation detector
NaI(Tl) Ø63x63 mm
NaI(Tl) Ø63x160 mm
Energy range
70 keV – 3 MeV
Identified radionuclides
137Cs, 134Cs, 131I, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th
Extended library (add 60Co, 24Na, 54Mn, etc.) available on request
Measurement range of specific activity in water (4π geometry)
3 – 1·106 Bq/kg [134Cs, 137Cs, 131I]
250 – 2·104 Bq/kg [40K]
1 – 1·106 Bq/kg [134Cs, 137Cs, 131I]
100 – 2·104 Bq/kg [40K]
Extended library (add 60Co, 54Mn, etc.) available on request
Measurement range of specific activity in bottom sediments (2π geometry)
50 – 1·106 Bq/kg [134Cs,137Cs]
250 – 2·104 Bq/kg [40K]
Typical resolution at 662 keV (137Cs)
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate
0.03 – 130 µSv/h
0.03 – 50 µSv/h
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error
±20% (for specific activity and dose rate measurement)
Typical sensitivity to 137Cs gamma radiation
2350 cps/(µSv·h-1)
5100 cps/(µSv·h-1)
Protection class of the detection device
IР68 (Withstands static hydraulic pressure up to 5 MPa for not less than 24 h)
Overall dimensions and weight of detection device
Ø130x510 mm, 4.5 kg
Ø130x633 mm, 6.5 kg

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