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Thiết bị đo phóng xạ, đo tia X, gamma, neutron, beta, alpha

Mô tả ngắn:Hệ đo bức xạ phông thấp Low-Background Germanium Spectroscopy Shields for Radiation Measurement

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: midtechvn@gmail.com - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

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Newly designed low-background detector shields for radiation measurement applications. Standard shields are offered with thicknesses of up to 6-inches (15cm), and are copper and tin lined to completely encapsulate the lead and eliminate exposure to the user. Models A-320, (A-340, A-360 AND A-370) (shown above) are considered ‘standard’ models with 2-inches (5cm), 4-inches (10cm) and 6-inches (15cm) of lead shielding respectively. Custom shield designs and a host of accessories may also be purchased to facilitate unique sample geometries and detector configurations.


  • Preselected low-background lead
  • Shield wells lined with ultra-high purity tin and an oxygen-free 101 copper – eliminating lead exposure
  • (A-340, A-360 & a-370)* lid is just a fraction of the weight of competing models
  • Adjustable lid gap for all shield models
  • Model A-320 includes a universal detector adapter


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