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Chi tiết:  Gammatec's Push/Pull Remote Control Winding Mechanism is designed for winding out

isotopes on all recognized industrial gamma projectors used in gamma radiography
The units are available in either reel or pistol-grip versions. These are of light-weight
construction and standard accessories include inner drive cable, outer hoses, gearbox
and connector fittings.
To ensure a smooth push/pull operation, the robust and lightweight aluminium gearbox
housing incorporates two dust-proof ball races as well as a 100mm diameter gear with a
cable pressure spring which provides maximum contact between gear and cable at all
Robust & lightweight
• Conforms to ISO 3999-1: 2000 Standard
• Compatible with all recognised industrial
gamma projectors
• Pistol grip winding mechanism
• Customized outer hose (minimum length
7.62m); inner cable
• Fittings for all recognized industrial
gamma projectors
• Weight (incl handle): 2.95 kg
• Dimensions (l x w h): 152mm x
 136mm x 28mm
• Cable entry wrap: 270°
• Cable travel: 348 mm per revolution
• Gear: designed for Series 40 cable
• Material specifications:
• Handle, lid and housing = aluminium
• Gear = brass
• Bearings = sealed roller bearings
• Handle spindle = nylon
• Handle pin = tool steel
• Guide nipples = stainless steel
• Liner = tempered

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