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Cung cấp máy huỳnh quang tia X XRF Xray

Mô tả ngắn:nhập khẩu máy X-RAY XRF-2000L

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: midtechvn@gmail.com - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

Chi tiết:  

Input Power 115 volts AC 50/60hz


Data Port RS-232
Temperature Control Automatic preamp and chamber temperature regulation
Focusing Precision laser assisted
Sample Positioning Laser-guided parts placement
Safety Circuitry Automatic X-ray shut-off within 0.5 seconds, if chamber door opened during measurement


Type Single fixed or multiple (automatic)
Single Fixed
4, 8, 12, 16 Mils diam. or 2x12 Mils rectangular
Multiple Automatic
(5 Total)
4, 8, 12, 16 Mils diam and 2x12 Mils rectangular
Computer System
Computer IBM compatible AT/PC
Features Windows operating system, CD/DVD drive, and USB ports
Monitor Flat screen LCD
Printer Industry standard printer
Camera System
Camera Digital, CCD, color, high-resolution
Display Image Monitor overlay video display
Reticle Image Software generated target
X-Ray Beam Actual-size beam displayed by software
XRF Beam Alignment X-ray beam and camera optics are auto aligned
Sample Lighting Long-life LED, adjustable
Qualitative Element Analysis
Method ROI and peak distance method
Display Color spectrum with element labeling
Magnification Magnifies/highlights desired items
Stage Programs
2-D Regular distance parts and surface measurements
3-D Topographical mapping of plating thickness
Random Irregular distance parts measurement
Multi-Channel Analyzer
Channels 1024 Channels
Pulse Processing High speed using micro-processor
Temperature Control Automatically regulated


X Ray Source
X-Ray Tube Long life, tungsten target, miniature spot size
High Voltage 0-50kV, oil-cooled
Tube Current 0-1.0 Ma
XRF Housing Large oil-filled tank encloses both X-ray tube and high voltage
Detection System
Detector Proportional counter
Filters Motorized Cobalt (Ni optional)
X-Y-Z Stages
Operating Type Precision, high speed stepper motors with ramped acceleration and cushioned deceleration
Stage Positioning Mouse or automatic controls �Point and Measure� 2-D and 3-D positioning
EZ Loading Stage Automatic stage forward by opening/closing door
Application Single layer, multi-layer, alloy thickness and composition, plus solution analysis
Correction Functions - Density correction
- Drift correction by reference sample
Statistical Analysis
Statistics Mean, maximum, minimum, range, standard deviation
Charts and Graphs X-bar and range chart, histograms
Report Printing
Reports Five (5) custom report formats
Previewing Instant previewing of reports
Custom Heading Company name and logo
Parts Images Sample picture can be printed on report

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