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Chi tiết:  The Pocket CORPAC™ combines an industry staple in non-intrusive corrosion testing with the portable

convenience made possible by the latest in Acoustic Emission (AE) technology. The Pocket CORPAC™
detects active localized corrosion in a variety of industrial structures and materials before costly and
dangerous effects can be seen or felt. Pocket CORPAC™ can tell customers when corrosion is active,
what to do to decrease or stop it, and if those solutions are ultimately working. Pocket CORPAC™
detects a variety of localized corrosion mechanisms. Most importantly, it provides the only early-stage
detection capability of corrosion effects like micro-cracks, pitting and micro-delamination. Besides the
Pocket CORPAC™, no other traditional or advanced non-destructive testing options exist in the field to
identify such corrosion effects due to their limited size detectability. In fact without the Pocket CORPAC™,
detection of these defects could be done only through destructive testing. At less than a quarter the
size of its predecessor and with the latest turn-key software, the Pocket CORPAC™ provides anyone
with early localized corrosion detection capabilities – not just AE experts. Since Pocket CORPAC™ uses
proprietary algorithms that can differentiate corrosion signals from the background noise produced
during normal operation of plant equipment, there is no need for an AE expert to perform tests or take
assets offline.One-of-a-kind early-detection capability, Pocket
CORPAC™ is the only nondestructive, on-line
method to detect corrosion phenomena in their
earliest stages. Less than a quarter of the size of
the original CORPAC™, Pocket CORPAC™ was
designed with portability and ease-of-use in mind.
It builds on the original CORPAC™, which was
developed over six years in a partnership
between MISTRAS Group, SA (France), the
European chemical industry and a French university,
all in conjunction with a European Union
Grant. We take full control of the acoustic signal
processing and automated corrosion type classification.
The sleek, updated design can be used for
many applications where portability is important.
With a four-hour battery life and added ability to
operate the unit from battery belt or AC power.
• Dimensions: 9.5” H x 3.5” W x 1.4” D
(241 mm x 89 mm x 36 mm)
• Weight (with batteries): 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg)
• Display: 3.52” Colour LCD, QVGA portrait mode,
240 pixels W x 320 H transflective with
LED backlight
• Display Touchpad: Built-in touchpad on screen
for use with stylus and
 on-screen processing
• Storage Memory: 28 Mbytes Flash for OS and data
• External Interfaces: Compact Flash port, USB 2.0
• Power Consumption: Approximately 4 Watts
• Power Requirements:
• External DC adapter 12V @ 1A or
• Internal 7.2V NiMH battery pack,
rechargeable in-situ or with optional Charger
• Battery Life: 4 hours intermittent use
• Operating Temp: 23° to 115°F (-5° to 45°C)
• Storage Temp: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60°C)

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