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Bảo hộ chống bức xạ Protech

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Model 70 Astroflex

The model 70 is a panoramic lead goggle constructed of impact resistant hypoallergenic plastic propionate. The frame front has molded side shielding and is fitted to the brow for increased radiation splash protection. The temple length and frame angle are adjustable for a uniform custom fit. Model 70S comes with leaded side shields for necessary protection from oblique angle exposure.

General Information

  • CE Marked
  • ISO Certified
  • Available in - Plano (non-prescription), Single Rx, Bifocal Rx, & Progressive
  • Prescription Range: 4.00 to -7.00
  • Eyewear Weight - 85 grams

Radiation Protection

  • Front Lens - 0.75mm lead equivalency protection
  • Side Shields - Optional 0.50mm lead strips

Frame Information

  1. Manufacturer - Protech Medical
  2. Model - 70
    1. Frame Size - Eye 54  | Bridge 19 | Temple ADJ/130
    2. Size - Average Female | Small Male
  3. Frame Line - Standard
  4. Gender - Unisex
  5. Frame Type - Goggle
  6. Frame Shape - Square
  7. Frame Style - Modern
  8. Frame Color - Clear with blue
  9. Frame Material - Propionate
  10. Lens Type - Schott SF-6 HT 0.75mm Lead

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