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Chi tiết:  The MAGMASTER 4500 is a versatile high quality magnetic particle crack detector

designed to meet the demands for critical inspection of parts during overhaul in the aircraft,
automotive, and general engineering Industries. Pneumatic clamping heads enables a wide
variety of ferrous parts to be tested, including crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads,
axles, gears, con rods, bolts, pins, and nuts etc. A range of optional equipment is available
to extend the versatility and convenience of operation, including off bench testing of parts
too large to be accommodated on the machine. The MAGMASTER 4500 complies with
International Standards for Magnetic Particle Inspection including ASTM E1444-05,
AS1171-1998, BS6072, and Electrical Safety Standard AS3100.
Two axis magnetising.Current through part
to locate longitudinal or lengthwise cracks,
and coil magnetising to locate radial or
transverse cracks.
• Quick changeover from contact heads to
coil. The selected mode is indicated on the
control display screen.
• 4500amps AC peak magnetising current.
Optional HWDC in addition to AC.
Automatic push button AC electronic
• The demag cycle is continuously monitored
by a flashing digit and when the cycle is
complete, the digit reverts to a steady state.
• Accepts parts up to 1350mm long and
100Kgs in weight on head shelves, and
250Kgs when supported on steadies.
• Optional 2000mm capacity. Optional heavy
duty heads to support up to 500Kgs on
steadies 350mm internal diameter coil,
producing up to 12,000 peak ampere turns.
Optional 450mm coil.
 Australian manufacture backed by over 30
years of experience in magnetic particle
inspection systems.
• High quality and ruggedly constructed.
Stainless steel tank with integrated 20 litre
fluid storage sump and pump agitation
• Reliable plug in electronic control system.
• 2 year warranty on electronic modules.
• 5 year warranty on the magnetizing
• Digital ammeter and controls at eye level.
• Ammeter holds display on for approx. 4
seconds for ease of verification.
• Thermal overload protection. Overload
condition indicated on the display screen.
• The rotary position of the current control is
displayed digitally in unit steps 1-100
enabling precise setting of any desired
magnetizing current value up to the rated
• Operator efficiency and work throughput
enhanced by ease of operation.
• A range of optional equipment is detailed
on reverse.

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