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Chi tiết:  MISTRAS Group has taken the VPAC™ through

valve loss control instrument to the next level.
The VPAC™II IS significantly simplifies asset
maintenance and increases operation safety.
Created for use in hazardous environments
such as oil, gas and petrochemical plants,
power generating plants and offshore
platforms, the VPAC™II IS is a dedicated
intrinsically safe acoustic leak instrument for
through valve loss control. Using the same
technology and sensors as our successful
VPAC™, the VPAC™II IS, for example, can
determine the loss of hydrocarbons to flare in
hazardous areas and save millions of dollars
for the plants.
Starting with basic process information
and type of valve, along with the measured
Average Signal Level (ASL) from the
instrument, VPAC™II IS uses a proprietary
algorithm to identify through-valve gas losses
and estimates leak rate.
The user interface is simple and intuitive.
The instrument is powered by a high capacity
rechargeable battery lasting several weeks
with typical use. The battery replacement on
this handheld power device is quick and easy,
and the unit retains all settings even when
powered off, so downtime is minima

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